Dream up an idea. Draw it down. Look for wood. Find wood.  Cut wood.  Glue wood. Doubt.  Be dissatisfied with the results. Start over. Give birth to a new disaster. Look into consulting a shrink, again.  Persist.  Notice some refining happening but...still not satisfied.  Talk to my Sweet Lady.  Discover what was wrong all along.  See the light. Start again and get Satisfaction . Sand.  Sand some more.   Apply finish.  Assemble.  Attach strings. Plug into amplifier.  Crank volume. Experience a powerful orgasm. Be satisfied to have built an instrument that rocks.
This is what Dr.K’s life looks like since 2009, when he started building guitars with an obstinacy close to OCD.  If you love unique handmade guitars, it’s time to book an appointment.There's no pathology that can't be cured.

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